‘True Ravens Fan’ Becomes First Pick 5 $50,000 Winner

“True Ravens Fan” is the first $50,000 winner of the newly launched Pick 5 game.

Baltimore man claims top prize on $1 straight wager

Just days after its Feb. 7 launch, the Maryland Lottery’s new Pick 5 game had its first top-prize win. A lucky Baltimore man who dubbed himself “True Ravens Fan” won the $50,000 prize on a $1 straight bet.

He found his way to a big win by retracing his steps from an earlier scratch-off win. “True Ravens Fan” had won prizes on a pair of scratch-offs he bought at US Gas located at 3300 Washington Boulevard in Baltimore. The 60-year-old wanted to try his luck at the same location a second time.

He revisited the retailer during his lunch break. “True Ravens Fan” placed two $1 straight bets using a combination of his license plate numbers and made Lottery history as the first $50,000 winner in the new game.

He didn’t know about his big win, however, because he didn’t check his ticket until after he finished his work shift at midnight. “True Ravens Fan” watched the online video of the Pick 5 drawing and realized the winning numbers sounded very familiar. After a second viewing, he realized that the numbers were the same as those on his license plate and on his $2 Pick 5 ticket. “It was time for me to get some good luck,” the winner said.

“True Ravens Fan” works as a city inspector and thoroughly enjoys his job. When asked of his plans for his prize, the winner said he will pay off debt and give some financial gifts to a few close family members.

His lucky retailer, US Gas, can also celebrate. The Baltimore City business will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a $50,000 Pick 5 winning ticket.