Fast-Moving Florist Delivers $50,000 Winning FAST PLAY Ticket on Valentine’s Day

Halethorpe businessman claims his prize, dashes away on busy delivery day

FAST PLAY games are loved by those who like to play fast and win fast. One of the newest $50,000 winners, a Halethorpe florist, zipped through the Maryland Lottery’s Winner’s Circle on Valentine’s Day to claim his prize in the FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers game and then, like a flash, was out the door and back on the road.

Lottery luck actually came his way earlier in the week. The 59-year-old stopped at Royal Farms #302 located at 6124 Edmondson Avenue in Catonsville and bought a $10 Lucky Numbers ticket. This progressive jackpot game gives you eight winning numbers to match with the numbers in the play area to win prizes. The top prize is a progressive jackpot that grows with the sale of each ticket until a winning ticket is purchased. Our winner matched five of those numbers, each with a $10,000 prize, to claim the 30th second-tier prize in the game.

Our speedy winner played fast, won fast and claimed his prize fast!

The Lucky Numbers game still has 22 progressive jackpots remaining along with 30 unclaimed $50,000 prizes and 42 remaining $10,000 prizes.