Playing Big Numbers on Racetrax Bet Brings $31,454 Prize

Gaithersburg couple wins with Trifecta wager

A Montgomery County Racetrax fan can thank his wife for a recent big win on the popular computer-animated horseracing game. After trying their luck in 10 drawings over the weekend, the Gaithersburg pair won $31,454.

The couple were grocery shopping at Safeway #1620 located at 20211 Goshen Road in Gaithersburg when the wife got a lucky hunch and wanted to play. When choosing their numbers, the couple followed the wife’s philosophy.

“She always says ‘You should play big’ and ‘Try big,’” said the husband. “So, we placed a Trifecta bet for 12, 11 and 10 to come out because those numbers give a bigger payout if they win.”

After purchasing their $10 ticket, the shoppers headed home and did not watch the races at the grocery. They discovered their win later at home.

“I was watching TV and heard a gasp from the other room,” said the 62-year-old husband. “It was my wife, but it was an exuberant gasp, not one of distress.”

The gasp occurred when she checked the ticket using the Maryland Lottery app on her phone and found out they won. She showed her husband the ticket and he double-checked it on his phone to confirm the win.

The husband, who is retired, said the couple will soon become grandparents. They plan to use some of the winnings to purchase items for the baby. He said they also may plan a trip overseas and pay some bills.

Also benefiting from this win is Safeway #1620. The Montgomery County business receives a bonus of $314.54 from the Lottery for selling a winning Racetrax ticket worth $10,000 or more.