Two Bonus Match 5 Fans Win Four $50,000 Top Prizes

Bought winning tickets in Landover, Waldorf

Lucky sets of numbers gave a Hyattsville retiree and an Upper Marlboro man a total of four $50,000 top prizes in two separate Bonus Match 5 drawings in March.

The Hyattsville man landed his second and third $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prizes this year in the March 9 drawing!  He visited Landover Sunoco in Prince George’s County and replayed a ticket with nine lines of numbers that he chose himself. He had two identical lines of numbers on the ticket that delivered the pair of $50,000 prizes, and also won another $630 on the ticket. Four days later, he claimed his prize of $100,630 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. But this was not his first time in the Lottery’s Winner’s Circle room: His set of personal numbers also delivered a $50,000 prize in the Feb. 9 Bonus Match 5 drawing. The winner said he plans to pay bills with his prizes.

Meanwhile, an Upper Marlboro visited Lottery headquarters to claim two top prizes in the March 2 Bonus Match 5 drawing on a pair of tickets he purchased at Bud Liquors in Waldorf.

These two Lottery retailers can celebrate, too. The Sunoco gas station located at 7530 Martin Luther King Highway in Landover earns $1,000 total for selling two top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 tickets. Bud Liquors located at 2539 Old Washington Road in Waldorf earns the same bonus for its role in the big win for the Upper Marlboro man.

Congratulations to our winners! In 2023, the Lottery has now sold nine $50,000 top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 tickets.