Unlucky Numbers Turn into $50K Powerball Win for Hagerstown Woman

Winner successfully replayed numbers from previous non-winning ticket

A Hagerstown woman used a unique method of selecting numbers from a non-winning ticket to secure a $50,000 Powerball prize.

According to the big winner, she used the quick-pick method to purchase a Powerball ticket on Oct. 7. That three-line ticket was a non-winner and she noted that she did not match any numbers for that drawing. Instead of getting discouraged, she decided to recycle those numbers for the Oct. 11 drawing. She said the rationale for her method was the probability that some of those numbers had to hit eventually so she wanted to retry that ticket.

“I didn’t get a single number so I went to the store and asked for the exact same ticket,” she explained.

The 52-year-old’s strategy paid off and her luck turned around as she went from zero numbers to almost every number. She matched four of the white balls and the Powerball number, just missing out on the big jackpot. She was one of four third-tier prize winners from Maryland on the Oct. 11 drawing.

The Washington County woman said she found out she won after checking her ticket on the Maryland Lottery app and did not believe her eyes. “I checked it about 10 times. Then I took the dog for a walk and came back to check it again,” she said.

The Hagerstown winner works for a trucking company and plans to use the prize for a down payment on a new home.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Hagerstown Martin’s #6444 at 18726 North Pointe Drive in Washington County.