Virginia Woman Finds Lucky Dime, Wins $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

“Molly” of Virginia credits a lucky dime for her $50,000 scratch-off win.

Calls her win on 50 Years! game a “wild experience”

A woman from the Virginia side of the Eastern Shore made a three-hour trip to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her $50,000 prize on a 50 Years! scratch-off.

Nicknaming herself “Molly” to tell her winning story, the lucky player explained that her journey began when she drove over the Maryland line into Pocomoke City. The resident of a small town in Virginia said she won $25 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off and stopped at Goose Creek #01, located at 2322 Stockton Road in Pocomoke City, to cash it in. After claiming her $25 prize, “Molly” added another $25 from her pocket to purchase the $50 50 Years! instant ticket.

As she started to scratch off the 50 Years! game, the processing facility worker said she revealed many $10,000 prizes beneath her numbers that matched the game’s winning numbers. She wasn’t sure how much she won so she gave her instant ticket to the store clerk to scan. “Molly” was in shock when told she won $50,000!

“This is crazy. I thought they were messing with me. It was a wild experience,” she explained. “I am glad I was the only one in the store.”

“Molly” said her wild experience includes the fact that she likes to use a quarter to scratch off games but lacked one that day. Looking back, she thinks it was an omen. “I usually have a quarter but I could only find a dime in my vehicle,” the winner said. That dime sure did the trick!

The 50 Years! instant ticket went on sale Feb. 20 with three $5 million top prizes. Two of those top prizes remain, along with seven $100,000 second-tier prizes. “Molly” is the game’s second $50,000 winner. Also unclaimed are four more $50,000 prizes and 75 $10,000 prizes. 50 Years! has been the Lottery’s top-selling scratch-off since the game started.