Virginia Woman’s Forgotten Powerball Ticket Reveals $100,000 Prize

Bought ticket in Temple Hills during July outing with friends

While “going through some papers” recently, a Springfield, Virginia woman came across a July 19 Powerball ticket she had purchased during the last jackpot roll that ended with a $1.08 billion jackpot win in California.

Playing Lottery games is not part of her routine, confessed the lucky woman, who claimed the ticket’s $100,000 prize today at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. She was with friends at Marlow Winghouse & Sports Grill in Temple Hills on the afternoon of July 19 when Lottery luck came her way.

The 75-year-old said she doesn’t clearly recall the details surrounding her purchase of the $3 ticket other than selecting the numbers at random. The married player added the Power Play multiplier feature for $1, which led to her third-tier prize doubling to $100,000. She then went home and forgot to check the ticket for a win, she said.

The retiree discovered the ticket recently while looking through papers. “This is wonderful,” the winner said. “I am just blessed.” She plans to put her prize into the bank and talk with family members about how to spend the prize.

There’s still time for new and experienced Powerball players to get in on the fun of tonight’s drawing. A jackpot roll under way since July 20 has the estimated annuity set for $672 million for the Sept. 20 drawing; the estimated cash option is $320.5 million (before taxes). This is the 10th largest jackpot in Powerball history. Although no one has hit the big prize in weeks, drawings are producing plenty of winners. The Sept. 18 drawing produced more than 905,000 winning tickets nationwide, ranging from $4 to $200. More than 21,000 winning tickets were sold in Maryland for that drawing.