Washington County Man Wins $40K on Mega Millions

Psychic predicts Washington County man’s $40,000 Mega Millions win.

Psychic told him his late father wanted him to play

A Washington County man won $40,000 on Mega Millions after his family received a powerful message from a psychic.

The lucky winner, who is calling himself “Wezzie Brunswick”, started playing Mega Millions over two years ago. He explained he started to play after a psychic told him and his family that his late father wanted him to start playing Mega Millions and Powerball.

According to “Wezzie”, the psychic claimed that his late father “sent down” numbers such as birthdays and other significant dates. “Wezzie” said “those numbers” did not hit, but the 55-year-old used Quick Pick on the Nov. 18 drawing and matched four out of the five numbers, along with the Mega Ball, leading him to a $40,000 win.

“My dad was an avid Lottery player,” “Wezzie” told Lottery officials.

In his spare time, “Wezzie” said he loves building cars, and it has been a favorite hobby of his for over 30 years. He explained that he might use some of the money for his hobby, but most of the winnings will go into the bank.

“We are at the point in our lives where the kids’ student loans have been paid off and we no longer have a mortgage,” he said.

Before the visit to the psychic, “Wezzie” was a loyal scratch-off player and won $50,000 in 2017.

“Wezzie” purchased the winning ticket at the Corner Store in Brunswick. The Frederick County store is located at 102 W. Potomac Street.