Lucky Bartender Gets a Top-Shelf Prize After Scratch-Off Win

Pasadena woman claims $30,000 on Diamond Bingo instant ticket

Already a big fan of the Maryland Lottery’s bingo-themed scratch tickets, it was not out of the ordinary for a Pasadena woman to grab a $3 Diamond Bingo ticket. However, things turned not-so-ordinary once she scratched the ticket to reveal a top prize of $30,000.

The 59-year-old bought her ticket at Xpress Mart located at 7760 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. in Glen Burnie. After scratching her ticket, she thought it was only a $30 winner. After giving it a second look, she realized it was actually worth $30,000. That’s when disbelief set in.

The bartender of 35 years shared the news with family and a few close friends. With her win, she plans to pay off some bills.

Xpress Mart will receive a $300 bonus for its role in selling a top-prize winning scratch-off worth $30,000. The $3 Diamond Bingo ticket launched in June.