Washington, D.C. Grandmother Credits Lucky Palm Plant for $50,000 Prize

A Washington, D.C. woman credits a lucky palm plant for her $50,000 scratch-off win.

‘Happy Days’ plans to share Lucky Times 10 scratch-off win with family

“Happy Days” are indeed here for a Washington, D.C. woman who won $50,000 playing a Lucky Times 10 scratch-off.

The 80-year-old, who adopted the nickname “Happy Days” to tell the story of her Lottery luck, said her daughter purchases scratch-offs for her. She explained that she was alone in her room, playing the Lucky Times 10 instant ticket, when she started to see some positive numbers.

“I saw 38 and it was listed as $10,000. I thought something was wrong,” she said.

“Happy Days” thought she found five matches with winning numbers, each worth a $10,000 prize. She took her instant ticket into the next room and her daughter looked the scratch-off over and confirmed her $50,000 second-tier win on the $10 game.

The happy mom discovered she was a big winner a day after she received a gift in the mail. She thinks the gift gave her luck. “My boyfriend sent me some palm for my birthday,” she explained.

“Happy Days” is a retired babysitter who likes music. She plans to share her prize with her family. “I have children and grandchildren who are waiting,” she said with a smile.

Managers at the Clinton Crossings Exxon are also going to be smiling as word gets out about the store’s lucky sale. The Prince George’s County Lottery retailer is located at 8915 Woodyard Road in Clinton.

Lucky Times 10 went on sale on Nov. 21, 2022. Two top prizes of $100,000 are unclaimed. “Happy Days” becomes the 10th $50,000 prize winner, leaving two second-tier prizes remaining along with others ranging from $10 to $10,000.