Windsor Mill Woman Ready to Retire after $953,280 FAST PLAY Win

“Silver Dove” of Windsor Mill plans to use her lucky FAST PLAY win toward her  retirement.

‘Silver Dove’ reveals Extreme Green jackpot prize

A Baltimore County player managed to maintain her composure while in public after winning a $953,280 progressive jackpot in the FAST PLAY Extreme Green game. That changed the minute she got in her car, the happy winner told Lottery officials.

The lucky lady, who adopted the nickname “Silver Dove” for anonymity, was waiting for her car to be repaired at an auto shop when she decided to check out a few FAST PLAY tickets she had purchased earlier. One of those games was the $20 Extreme Green ticket, which has a progressive jackpot starting at $250,000.

“Silver Dove” saw that she had a “Winning Number” of 5 on the ticket plus a 5 in the “Your Numbers” section with a progressive jackpot symbol. She knew she was a big winner, but remained calm. The computer analyst put her winning ticket away and checked the other tickets to divert attention from onlookers. When her car was ready, “Silver Dove” said she paid the bill at the front desk and left the business without expressing any emotion.

“I remained calm the whole time. When I got alone in the car, I grabbed the steering wheel and let it out. I started to scream and thanked my mom in heaven,” said “Silver Dove.”

The Windsor Mill resident was already in the process of making financial plans to retire and this win makes that transition easier. She purchased the ticket in October at Woodlawn Shell and decided to finalize her retirement plans before claiming the prize this week.

“I am happy that it came to me at this time,” she said of the big win.

“Silver Dove” had a winner of a year in 2023, claiming a prize of more than $12,000 on Racetrax in August in addition to this FAST PLAY prize. “I plan to spend this wisely and I plan to enjoy it,” she said with a smile.

Her lucky Lottery retailer is Woodlawn Shell located at 6600 Security Boulevard in Baltimore County. For selling the jackpot-winning ticket, the business receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The FAST PLAY Extreme Green game went on sale on Jan. 2, 2023 and this is the second progressive jackpot winning ticket sold. The first winner, a Baltimore man, won $713,088 in April. Thirteen progressive jackpot remain. The progressive jackpots start at $250,000 and increase with the sale of each ticket until a jackpot-winning ticket is sold.