Work Break Brings $50,000 Payday to Silver Spring Woman

Finds second-tier prize on FAST PLAY High Roller Blackjack game

A lucky Montgomery County resident has a new appreciation for work breaks and not just for the serenity and recharge they bring. She is grateful for what she did while on a recent break because she won a $50,000 FAST PLAY prize.

Rather than nibble on a sandwich or get a late-day coffee, the 51-year-old decided to pick up a $10 FAST PLAY ticket. She chose the High Roller Blackjack game, which has a progressive jackpot, and won a mouth-watering second-tier prize.

The Silver Spring resident has been enjoying a Lottery lucky streak lately, winning a few small prizes here and there. When she got a quick break from work, she visited a grocery store in College Park to try her luck once again.

She told Lottery officials that the High Roller Blackjack game was calling out to her so she purchased a pair of tickets. Her luck was 50/50, having no win on the first ticket, but a winning Blackjack hand on the second ticket for the big win. It’s her largest prize ever!

Her fast win on the FAST PLAY game had an instant effect on the lucky lady. “I was shaking like a leaf,” she said.

The Lottery fan plans to keep word of the win quiet, having only shared news of her good fortune with a few family members. She plans to put the winnings into savings for now, but said it would be helpful for upcoming family and educational expenses.

The $10 game went on sale in April 2022 offering prizes ranging from $10 to $50,000 plus a progressive jackpot. The jackpot starts at $100,000 and increases with the sale of each ticket until someone buys the winning ticket. On the afternoon of April 4, the progressive jackpot had reached $216,756.

Our winner’s lucky Lottery retailer was Shoppers #2366. The College Park store is located at 4720 Cherry Hill Road in Prince George’s County.