Instant Ticket Lottery Machine Program

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The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency is pleased to introduce a high earning gaming product especially designed to benefit Maryland Veterans’ organizations.

The instant ticket lottery machine (ITLM) is a modern gaming vending machine with spinning video reel animation that brings fun and excitement to your members. Currently over 40 Veterans’ clubs and organizations in the U.S. have ITLMs installed in their locations.


  • No up-front product costs
  • 50% of net revenue from machines goes to Veterans’ organizations
  • Service and content updates included


  • Attention-getting animations that feature spinning reels
  • Multi-bet options
  • Ticket-in/Ticket-out functionality
  • Stereo sound and dual LCD monitors
  • Progressive feature that can build large jackpots
  • Large variety of available game themes
  • Simple to play, easy to operate


What is an Instant Ticket Lottery Machine (ITLM)?

An ITLM is an electronic device that dispenses pre-printed instant scratch tickets and utilizes a touchscreen monitor. The device scans and validates the barcode on the instant ticket as it is dispensed and displays the result of the ticket on the touchscreen monitor in an entertaining fashion. The device accumulates winnings for the player and prints out a voucher at the conclusion of play that can be redeemed for cash or inserted into another ITLM for continued play. ITLMs were authorized under Senate Bill 1 during the 2012 second special session of the Maryland General Assembly.

Who can have ITLMs?

A lottery retailer that is tax exempt and organized as a veterans’ organization under 501(c)(4) or (19) under the Internal Revenue Code are authorized to operation no more than five (5) ITLMs. Under law, veterans’ organizations located in the following counties do not qualify – Caroline, Cecil, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico and Worcester.

Where can the ITLMs be located?

ITLMs shall be located in the veterans’ organization primary meeting hall in the county in which they are located. The veterans’ organization is required to provide space for the ITLMs, a server rack and some storage for the instant tickets. The Lottery vendor will provide all equipment and network connection.

How can the ITLM help veterans’ organizations?

The ITLM can be used to generate proceeds to help support veterans’ organizations. The veterans’ organization will be able to keep 50% of the proceeds from the ITLMs. ITLMs are estimated to generate net proceeds of $100 per day per machine. Please note the Lottery does not guarantee any level of performance on the ITLMs.

How much do the ITLMs cost?

There will be no upfront cost to the veterans’ organizations for the ITLMs. The ITLMs and their ongoing support and maintenance will be paid for by a percentage of the net proceeds. The veterans’ organizations will keep 50% of the net proceeds for their own purposes.

What is the payout rate of the ITLMs?

The ITLMs payout rate will be 90.5%.

How old does someone have to be to play an ITLM?

You have to be 18 years old to play an ITLM.

How much staff is required to support ITLMs?

At least one individual is required to be on staff during all times of ITLM operation.

Can I see these ITLMs?

The Lottery will host an open house for veterans’ organizations to come in and view the ITLMs and ask questions. The date and location of this demonstration is:

Monday, August 18th, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency
Montgomery Park Business Center
1800 Washington Blvd, Suite 330
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Parking is provided in the Red Lot. Please pull your vehicle into the left lane to access the buzzer and inform the security guard you are attending a meeting at the Lottery office.

When are the ITLMs available?

The ITLMs are projected to be available beginning in late summer/early fall 2014.

How to apply for an ITLM license?

The retailer licensing process is currently underway. Please contact Tom Slevin at 410-230-8909 or for an application.

Are there opportunities for vendors with the ITLM program?

The ITLMs have been procured through a competitive bid process and the contract was awarded to Diamond Game. All services associated with the ITLMs will be provided by the contractor.


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