$100,000 Scratch-off Win Goes to Prince George’s County Veteran

Latest to claim top prize on Six Figures instant game

Last Friday found a retired U.S. Army veteran at a gas station deciding which Maryland Lottery instant ticket to play. He buys scratch-offs frequently, the Clinton resident told Lottery officials, and usually sticks with one or two games. Having had little luck recently with the Six Figures scratch-off, he was considering a change.

Six Figures had treated me pretty well,” he explained. “I won quite a bit. Seemed like at worst I’d win my money back and break even.” His last few attempts had left him without a win, however. “I thought maybe I’d used up my luck with the game.” Happily for the married father of four, he put off switching games for at least one more day.

Later, sitting on his back porch, he scratched off what might very well have been his last Six Figures instant ticket. The 70-year-old received the shock of his life. “I saw the $100,000 match and just about fell out of my chair,” he said. That he was home alone with no one with whom to celebrate didn’t slow him down a bit. “I walked around my yard shouting, ‘Will you look at this’ and ‘Ain’t that something!’”

The Prince George’s County man will direct his winnings toward a new car for the family and home repair projects. He also plans to share his $100,000 prize with his adult children. The gas station where his fateful decision was made – Piscataway Mobil at 9808 Piscataway Road in Clinton – will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winner.

Six Figures arrived on Lottery retailer’s shelves in December 2022 with eight top prizes. Three $100,000-winning scratch-offs are still unclaimed along with five of the $10 game’s $50,000 second-tier prizes and 14 $10,000 prizes.