18-Year-Old Wins $50,000 Playing First Scratch-off

Laurel man received winning Show Me $100,000! instant ticket from his dad

A scratch-off novice from Laurel discovered there is such a thing as “beginner’s luck.” He won $50,000 on a Show Me $100,000! scratch-off, making winning look easy.

His dad unknowingly bought the winning scratch-off for the new player, who turned 18 in March. He revealed the big win and wasn’t sure what he was seeing.

“I was confused and surprised at the same time,” the winner said. “I really didn’t know that I was a winner.”

According to the Prince George’s County resident, his father has not yet won big on a scratch-off but was happy for his son.

“He told me to cash it in as soon as possible and that is why I am here,” the winner said after claiming his prize at Lottery headquarters on Aug. 12.

The lucky player graduated from high school last spring and plans to attend a trade school in the fall to train as an auto mechanic. Speaking of cars, the lucky winner said some of his prize will go toward a new car.

His father purchased the winning instant ticket at Laurel Plaza Liquors located at 9626 Fort Meade Road in Laurel.

This was the first $50,000 winner in the $10 Show Me $100,000! game. Four more $50,000 winning instant tickets are unclaimed along with four $100,000 top prizes.

The Show Me family of scratch-off games – $1, $2, $5 and $10 instant tickets – went on sale May 23 while the $20 scratch-off arrived in stores on April 18. Players can choose from a $1 Show Me $1,000! game, a $2 Show Me $10,000! game, a $5 Show Me $50,000! scratch-off, $10 Show Me $100,000! and a $20 Show Me $1,000,000! instant ticket.