Bowie Woman’s Store Run Leads to $50,000 Win

Bowie winner Bren Bren, who owns a junk removal company “Star Power”, celebrated her top-prize win from a $50,000 Cash scratch-off with her friend at Lottery headquarters.

Takes home top prize playing $50,000 Cash scratch-off

Some people have trouble finding ways to enjoy themselves and relax after a long day of work, but for one Lottery fan, it just takes a few scratch offs and catching up on the news. The Bowie resident who goes by Bren Bren had some extra excitement recently when she won $50,000 on $50,000 Cash scratch-off. On April 24, she stopped by Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim her prize and share her story.

Our winner, who was accompanied by a close friend, has been playing the Lottery for three years and only plays when she feels lucky. Bren Bren stated that she enjoys the thrill and excitement of scratching the tickets, and of course of winning a prize big or small. She told Lottery officials that scratching her ticket and seeing the $50,000 prize was something she could have never have imagined.

A few years ago, she started a junk removal company called “Star Power”. After a long day of work earlier this week, she and some coworkers stopped at the Landover Hills Exxon to get gas and some other items before heading home. As she was waiting in line, she noticed a $50,000 Cash scratch-off and without hesitation, she purchased two and a pair of Powerball tickets.

She headed home and scratched off her instant tickets. Bren Bren checked her ticket on the Maryland Lottery app a few times and it confirmed what she thought — a top prize win worth $50,000.

“I screamed because I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I shouted so loud I thought my neighbors could hear me. I was so happy because you never expect to win. I really just play for fun.”

Although Bren Bren isn’t sure how she will spend her money, she intends to invest more into her business by purchasing another truck.

For its role in selling the $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, Landover Hills Exxon at 6579 Annapolis Road also wins. The Prince Georges County gas station will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.