$50,000 Scratch-off Winner Plans to Launch Plumbing Business

Claims second top prize on $5 Bonus Cash Doubler game

A Baltimore resident caught a big break while taking a break at work. The winner, who makes a living as a contractor, just discovered the second $50,000 top prize in the new Bonus Cash Doubler scratch-off game.

The 43-year-old anonymous player selected the nickname “Big J” to share the story of his Lottery luck. “Big J” enjoys playing Lottery games weekly, choosing a variety of scratch-offs and Keno tickets.

One day, he decided to take his work break at US Fuel in Baltimore to take advantage of its air conditioning. He bought water, snacks and scratch-offs. Assuming one of the games would win, he scanned the prize check areas and discovered he was incorrect. However, “Big J” was feeling lucky so he purchased the last two Bonus Cash Doubler scratch-offs on display. The first instant ticket was a non-winner but he scratched his way to a $50,000 top-prize win on the second instant ticket.

Initially, he recalls being in a “state of shock and disbelief” when he revealed the prize. In fact, he experienced such shock it made him shake. “Big J” told Lottery officials when he claimed his prize that he is still feeling overwhelmed and shocked. “It’s not every day that you win big like this.”

When asked what he plans to do with his prize, the loyal player said he recently planned a weeklong beach vacation with his wife and family and plans to make sure they all have a good time and want for nothing. He also plans to start a plumbing business and invest some of the windfall.

“Big J” isn’t alone in his Lottery luck. US Fuel located at 6100 Moravia Park Drive will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for its role selling a top-prize winning scratch-off worth $50,000.

The Bonus Cash Doubler instant ticket went on sale on July 17 with eight top prizes. There are still six top prizes remaining along with more than 990,000 others ranging from $5 to $5,000.