Adelphi Woman Joins Roster of Maryland Lottery Millionaires

“Ping Pong Champ” of Adelphi plans to buy a townhouse with the $1 million prize she won in the June 4 Mega Millions drawing.

Mega Millions ticket for June 4 drawing a big winner for ‘Ping Pong Champ’

When she checked her Mega Millions tickets, a Prince George’s County player realized she had two winners, one for $3 and one for $1 million.

Her reaction: cash out the $3 winning ticket, buy a $2 Mega Millions ticket for the next drawing plus a $1 scratch-off, stash the $1 million quick-pick ticket in a safe place and get on with the business of the day.

“I got gas and left quietly,” said “Ping Pong Champ,” who is using an alias to tell her tale of winning. The name reflects her passion for table tennis.

“Ping Pong Champ” plays the Maryland Lottery “all the time,” but has no loyalty to any single game. Sometimes, it’s scratch-offs. Sometimes, it’s jackpot games like Mega Millions and Powerball.

“I play what I want,” she said, adding that she has a Lottery budget and sticks with it.

On June 1, Mega Millions was her game of choice. The Adelphi resident bought tickets for the June 4 drawing while getting gas at Aspen Hill Citgo in Silver Spring. She was back at the Montgomery County gas station after the drawing and that’s when she checked her tickets for a win.

The loyal player scanned the second-tier winning ticket and saw zeros, so she figured it was a $1,000 winner. She scanned her other tickets and one won $3. Then, she went back and rescanned the “$1,000” winner only to realize there were six zeros, not three. That’s when she cashed out the $3 winner, bought her tickets and left without letting anyone know what was going on.

As of June 10 when she claimed her big prize with her husband by her side, “Ping Pong Champ” had told very few people about her new millionaire status.

“Ping Pong Champ” plans to buy a townhouse with her winnings, although she hasn’t yet decided where. Her current residence in Maryland’s D.C. suburbs, she observed, is very crowded. She also has no plans to retire because of the prize.

“Maybe if I win again, I’ll retire,” she said, adding, “Every time I play, I say, ‘Maybe this will be the big one.’” While she classifies her June 6 win as a “big one,” she is hopeful about winning big again.

Her lucky Lottery retailer, Aspen Hill Citgo located at 13615 Georgia Avenue, receives a $2,500 bonus for selling a second-tier winning Mega Millions ticket. This was the first $1 million winning ticket sold in the game in Maryland in 2024.