Army Veteran Picks Up $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Win in Temple Hills

Washington, D.C. resident “Twa Neck” picked Bonus Match 5 numbers using an observation method, but ended up winning the $50,000 top prize on Aug. 15 with quick-pick numbers.

Numbers chosen based on personal system disappoint, but quick pick pays off

After years of trying, a high school and college wrestler nicknamed “Twa Neck” was able to pin a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top prize.

The retired Army veteran of the 11th Special Forces Group, who did tours of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq, monitors winning numbers for a variety of games and then picks numbers to play based on his observations.

After keeping tabs on Bonus Match 5 for a few days, “Twa Nick” was walking near Giant #342 in Temple Hills on Aug. 15, like he does almost every day. He almost walked past the grocery store.

“Then, I decided to stop and play,” the Washington, D.C. resident told Lottery officials. He selected a series of numbers based on his observations and threw in a randomly generated quick-pick number for good measure.

That evening, he watched the drawing as he generally does when he’s got tickets. When the numbers popped up, he knew he didn’t win on any of the numbers he had selected using his observation method.

“I hit my hand so hard on the table, my wife was startled,” said the 68-year-old. He recalled including that quick-pick number, and checked that, too. In a split second, his mood went from disappointment to delight as he matched the first five numbers drawn for the $50,000 win.

For purposes of telling his story, the winner chose the nickname “Twa Neck,” which dates to his wrestling days and was earned because of his strong neck. “Twa” is a phonetic spelling of trois, or French for three, so the nickname means Three Neck.

In the days leading up to his big win, “Twa Neck” had applied for a personal loan to take care of some odds and ends at home. A paperwork glitch coincided with a golf excursion to South Carolina, so the loan application process was incomplete. His Lottery win means there is no need for the loan because he will just use some of his winnings.

Also picking up an unexpected financial boost is Giant #342 at 4119 Branch Avenue in Temple Hills, which receives a bonus of $500 – equal to 1% of the prize – for selling a top-tier winning Bonus Match 5 ticket.