Baltimore Caregiver Taking Care of Business with $50,000 Lottery Prize

“Shantel” has won before playing scratch-offs, but nothing like the $50,000 prize she claimed May 26 on a $5 Gold Bar Bingo ticket.

Will devote funds to online side gig

With her newfound $50,000 in Maryland Lottery winnings, a Baltimore player plans to invest in her online lingerie business while continuing her day job as a professional medical caregiver.

The anonymous winner, who is going by the alias “Shantel,” said she is looking forward to “paying some bills and growing my business” with her top-prize win on a Gold Bar Bingo scratch-off.

The 41-year-old says she plays scratch-off games about once a week. She enjoys being able to scratch the instant tickets at her leisure, but also likes to know instantly if she has won and how much. Waiting for a drawing is not her style.

“That’s all I play is scratch-offs,” she said. Over the years, “Shantel” has won her share of small prizes, with the biggest previous haul being $500. She plans to keep her windfall a secret from everyone except a few close family members.

Looking ahead, she says she will continue to play scratch-offs, “just because I enjoy it.”

Sharing in “Shantel’s” good fortune is Super Save at 2100 East Monument Street in Baltimore, where she purchased the winning $5 Gold Bar Bingo game. The store receives a bonus of $500 bonus, equal to 1% of the total prize.

The Gold Bar Bingo game went on sale in July 2021 with eight $50,000 top prizes. The game still has one unclaimed $50,000 top prize and three remaining $10,000 prizes along with others ranging from $5 to $5,000.