Damascus Scratch-off Player Cleans Up on Laundry Day

Have you ever experienced that wonderful moment when, while doing the laundry, you check pants pockets and find cash that you’d forgotten? How do you think you’d feel if you pulled out a scratch-off to play while washing dirty pairs of jeans and discovered that laundry day was your lucky day? A retired Montgomery County landscaper can answer that question!

There he was at a Silver Spring laundromat, minding his own business, when out of nowhere $50,000 worth of Lottery luck came into his life. The laundromat just happened to be a Lottery retailer and the Crazy 8s scratch-off he purchased when he arrived there just happened to be a top-prize winner.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” the 69-year-old admitted to Lottery officials. He studied the $5 Crazy 8s instant ticket over and over, trying to find the game rule that he was sure would disallow his big win. “I looked at every word on the ticket and came up with $50,000 every time.”

The Damascus resident describes himself as a once-in-a-while Lottery player. “I rarely think to play. If the machine hadn’t been there in the laundromat, I never would have bought a ticket that day.”

The Crazy 8s game debuted in November 2022 with eight $50,000 top-prize winning instant tickets. There are still five $50,000 winners in stores, along with six $5,000 second-tier prizes. Hats off to Aspen Hill Laundromat at 14201 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring for supplying the scratch-off that led to this happy ending. Management there will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.