Baltimore Nurse’s Last-Second Lottery Purchase Delivers Big Prize

Lucky lady claims $100,000 top prize on FAST PLAY Holiday Money Match game

It was a cold, rainy day and the Baltimore woman had sat at the mechanic’s shop for hours while her car was being repaired. The crew wrapped up the work around dinnertime but instead of going directly home, the patient nurse decided to stop and buy some FAST PLAY tickets.

The loyal player told Lottery officials that she could have stopped at an Exxon station but instead made a quick, last-second decision to visit Royal Farms #008 located at 1630 West Joppa Road in Baltimore. She bought four FAST PLAY Holiday Money Match tickets and continued on her way.

Later that evening, while chatting with her sister, she looked over her tickets and discovered she possibly won a $100,000 top prize. The lucky lady had her doubts, however, even after she and her sister looked at her ticket closely a second time. The next day, she took her $10 ticket back to the store to confirm the win. She scanned her ticket and learned that Lottery luck had indeed paid her a visit.

“I kept quiet and looked around to make sure no one was there to see,” the player said.

The winner told Lottery officials that playing Lottery games is a form of relaxation for her, particularly crossword- and bingo-themed games. She has also won small prizes on Keno and FAST PLAY. In fact, the happy player eagerly awaits the arrival of new holiday games every year so she can try her luck.

The Holiday Money Match game went on sale Nov. 6 along with two other FAST PLAY holiday-themed tickets. A Holiday Cash second-chance promotion is under way and kicked off in October with the arrival of six festive holiday-themed scratch-offs.

The winner, who has worked in nursing for decades, said she has no immediate plans to use her windfall to retire. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and her plans for her prize are to help them financially as needed.

Royal Farms #008 also gets to celebrate. The Baltimore County store receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a top-prize winning FAST PLAY ticket worth $100,000. The Holiday Money Match game is still packed with prizes, including 27 more $100,000 top prizes and 67 $10,000 prizes.