Baltimore Player Hits for $100,000 on Scratch-Off Ticket

“Proud Grandma,” a Maryland Lottery player from Baltimore, plans to spend part of her $100,000 scratch-off win on her seven grandchildren.

‘Proud Grandma’ expects to treat her grandchildren, and vacation in the Caribbean

Over her many years of playing the Maryland Lottery, a woman from Baltimore has won her share of prizes, up to four digits, but her purchase of a Six Figures scratch-off game is what brought her a six-digit win.

“Most of the time I win something,” said “Proud Grandma,” speaking April 25 at Maryland Lottery headquarters when she claimed her $100,000 prize.

She recalls winning $500 on two occasions and once hit 112 on the Pick 3 game with a ticket that paid $1,200.

For her big win, she broke her routine. After dropping off one of her grandsons at school, she stopped at Royal Farms at 4045 Wilkens Avenue in Baltimore. She recalls feeling drawn to the scratch-off games and thinking, “Let me get one of these.” She ended up with three scratch-off games, which she took home.

“I didn’t scratch them right away,” she said. Her usual method is to simply scratch the latex off the prize check code and scan with her phone. She got a message to take the ticket to a retailer.

“I figured I should scratch it off to see what was going on,” she said. She removed part of the latex and revealed a $50,000 figure under one of the ticket’s matching numbers.

“I called my son!” she said. Subsequently she called her other child, her daughter, and also realized that the line where showing her $50,000 prize also had a “Chance to Win More!” note with a multiplier. Hers said 2X, bringing the total to $100,000, which is the top prize on the $10 ticket.

She has definite plans for her winnings:

  • “I’m going to put a chunk to pay down my house!”
  • “I’m going to take a trip,” she added, clarifying that she wants to go to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.
  • A healthy portion also will be for the benefit of her seven grandchildren.

She says she has two children, “so I never expected to have seven grandchildren, but I love them all!”

Meanwhile, she plans to keep on playing the Lottery. While the big win is nice to have, she mainly just enjoys playing.

“Proud Grandma’s” top-tier prize was the sixth to be claimed of eight available on the Six Figures ticket. The game also started with nine prizes at the $50,000 level, of which four remain unclaimed, and 30 at the $10,000 level, of which 13 remain.

For selling a top tier winner, the Royal Farms store receives a bonus of $1,000, equal to 1% of the prize.