Baltimore Player Scores $25,000, Reflects on Relative’s Even Bigger Win

Anonymous winner “I’ll Be Back” of Baltimore won $25,000 playing Pick 5.

Pick 5 ticket brings windfall to ‘I’ll Be Back’

A Baltimore woman who won $25,000 playing Pick 5 remembers watching, a few years back, as a relative turned a big Lottery win into a secure retirement fund. That memory inspired the anonymous player to go by the nickname “I’ll Be Back” to tell her Lottery story.

“I’ll be back because I’m going to try to win some more!” she said, after claiming her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

Several years ago, a relative won $5.5 million, she said. The relative was in the real estate business and started buying one house a year for a few years. That person, who is now retired, has been selling the houses and living off the proceeds.

“She’s doing fine,” reports “I’ll Be Back.” Her $25,000 Lottery score isn’t enough to turn the lucky player into a real estate investor, but she’s still happy about the win. She plans to help another relative – the only person she has told about the win – pay off her bills.

“I love this one,” she said of the Pick 5 game, adding that she’s also a fan of Powerball and Mega Millions. “I’ll Be Back” hopes to return to Lottery headquarters to claim an even bigger prize on one of those games.

Also having cause for celebration is the Lottery retailer that sold her the winning ticket. Frankford Garden Liquors at 5418 Sinclair Lane in Baltimore receives a bonus of $250 from the Lottery for selling the $25,000 winning ticket.