Baltimore Resident Receives Big Payday from Bingo Scratch-off

Wins $50,000 top prize playing Gold Bar Bingo

A Baltimore woman continues to have good luck when playing the Lottery. She and her husband stopped by Maryland Lottery headquarters this week to claim a $50,000 Gold Bar Bingo top prize, and this wasn’t her first big win.

“She was born with luck,” the winner’s husband said.

The winner, who chose to remain anonymous and use the alias “Dream,” enjoys playing a variety of Lottery games, but lately she finds herself a fan of the bingo-themed scratch-offs.

The retiree especially likes the $5 Gold Bar Bingo game because she consistently wins small prizes on it. On the day she purchased the top-prize ticket, she was running errands and stopped by Jack’s Fine Foods to cash in some small winning tickets. She used that money to buy groceries and a Gold Bar Bingo ticket.

After scratching the ticket and reviewing the game instructions, she was pretty sure she had a big winner. She scanned the ticket to confirm her suspicion. Overwhelmed with a rush of emotions, rushed home to share the news with her husband.

The excited winner said this is the third time she has won a top prize on a Lottery ticket. She plans on paying off her credit cards, take her husband out to dinner and saving the rest.

Jack’s Fine Food, located at 4519 Kenwood Avenue in Baltimore, also has reason to celebrate. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.