Bethesda Car Service Driver Rolls in with $50,000 Pick 5 Win

Felt lucky numbers would hit in Pick 4, Pick 5 drawings

A Montgomery County man who is a loyal player of Pick 4 and Pick 5 got a feeling that a combination of the numbers 3, 0, 4 and 0 would soon hit. He played several combinations over a period of several days without any luck.

“I was sure I would win,” he said. And on May 3, Lottery luck arrived, delivering a $50,000 prize in the Pick 5 evening drawing.

The Bethesda resident, who works part time as a car service driver, placed a $1 straight bet on the numbers 30400 for his big win. He bought his lucky ticket at 7-Eleven #29763 located at 11530 Rockville Pike in Rockville. For its role in the $50,000 windfall, the Montgomery County business will earn a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The winner, who is originally from Iran, said he hopes to use his prize to bring his father to America for a visit.