‘Blessed’ Numbers Win $25,000 for Upper Marlboro Resident

Grandmother of five finds luck with Pick 5 game

A Prince George’s County Lottery fan added Pick 5 to her repertoire early this year after the game launched the game in February. A special set of “blessed” numbers that she began playing a few months ago brought her into the Lottery Winner’s Circle after claiming her $25,000 prize.

The numbers, which have a special significance for the grandmother of five, showed up in last Sunday evening’s drawing. While out of town, the 64-year-old checked the Pick 5 drawing results and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Before they left town, her husband had volunteered to buy her a ticket for the July 9 and July 10 midday and evening drawings. He did so at Tucker’s Liquors & Restaurant in Upper Marlboro, where a clerk initially keyed in the “blessed” numbers 11425 for only three of the four drawings he requested. The error was corrected in time and the clerk added the Sunday evening drawing to the 50-cent straight bet. With his mission accomplished, the husband left with the ticket in hand.

On the night the wife discovered her lucky number had hit, she took her husband aside to ask an important question. “She kept saying, ‘You didn’t play those numbers, did you?’” he recalled.

The happy husband assured her that he had followed through on the errand and that the winning ticket was safe at home. The pair claimed the prize Tuesday at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The two retirees plan to use the windfall to pay bills, the wife said.

For its role in selling a $25,000-winning Pick 5 ticket, Tucker’s Liquors & Restaurant also benefits. The Lottery retailer located at 9205 Marlboro Pike will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery.