Sparks Man’s Horses Cross the Racetrax Finish Line with $30,946 Win

Trifecta Box bet brings second big win in past year

A 44-year-old salesman from Sparks has stepped into the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Circle for the second time after winning $30,946 playing Racetrax, his favorite Lottery game. The lucky player won with a Trifecta Box wager on the 10, 11 and 12 horses based on an invoice number from a recent purchase.

“When I saw those numbers, they looked like good Racetrax numbers to play,” said the winner.

On July 8, he visited Royal Farms #185 located at 118 Mount Carmel Road in Parkton. He played the invoice number, not checking his 20-draw ticket until later in the day on the Lottery’s website.

“I first thought it was just $500,” he said of the prize. “I was blown away when I saw it was really so much more.”

This is the Baltimore County’s man second big Racetrax win in the past year. In November 2021, he placed a Superfecta bet and won $19,854.

The Racetrax fan has already made plans for his winnings. The generous father said he will take a vacation with his kids, help family members when needed and will invest the rest.

The Baltimore County Lottery retailer that sold the ticket, Royal Farms #185, also shares in the lucky win. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket with a value of $10,000 or more, the store earns a bonus of $309.46 from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.