Bowie Grandmother of 14 Wins $50,000 on Money Bag Multiplier Ticket

Scratch-off that launched on April 24 delivers another big winner

A Bowie woman, who got back in line at the store after the Money Bag Multiplier caught her eye, took home a $50,000 top prize on the ticket.

“Lady Bingo”, as she asked be called because of her love of Bingo-style Lottery games, claimed her prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on May 3. “Lady Bingo” said she makes it a point to play all the newer Lottery games.

While purchasing some items from Gem Liquors in Lanham, she bought a few scratch-offs while checking out. As she was leaving the store, she became excited as she noticed a new, colorful green scratch-off. She then got back in line and purchased two Money Bag Multiplier tickets.

Excited to play, she scratched her tickets right in the store. The retiree was in shock when she realized she won.

“I’ve won small amounts before, but this is the most money I’ve ever won,” the Bowie resident said smiling ear to ear. After “Lady Bingo” realized she won, the 77-year-old scanned the ticked several times. In disbelief, she showed the scratch-off to her daughter to verify the win. The two then danced and shouted. She put her winning ticket in a safe deposit box until she was ready to claim her prize.

“Lady Bingo”, a retired Prince George’s County bookkeeper and grandmother of 14, plans to spend her winnings wisely. She hopes to get minor knee surgery and use the rest to spoil her family and grandkids. When asked if she’d keep on playing after her big win, she said, “I’ll continue to play, and eventually I’ll win the big one again!”

“Lady Bingo” said she plays at four different stores, but the winning ticket came from her go-to store, Gem Liquors. The retail location is located at 9443 Annapolis Road in Lanham. For selling the winning ticket, Gem Liquors will receive a $500 bonus.

Money Bag Multiplier went on sale on April 24 with eight top prizes of $100,000. All top-prizes remain, along with seven $50,000 prizes. The ticket also has thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.