Loyalty Pays Off for Prince George’s County Man

Wins $50,030 playing Bonus Match 5   

Not only does he play Bonus Match 5 every day, a Prince George’s County man told Lottery officials on Wednesday, he plays the exact same series of numbers every day. While some were picked randomly and some have special meaning in his life, five of them matched the winning numbers drawn on April 30, making his ticket worth $50,000.

The Fort Washington resident has played these lucky numbers – a series of nine combinations – for as long as Bonus Match 5 has been played in Maryland. He’s had plenty of luck, the 69-year-old confirmed for us.  “Certainly not this kind of luck, though,” he added with a laugh.

The Bonus Match 5 fan checked the night’s results on his Lottery app and saw something familiar. “Several of the combinations share a digit or two, so they run together in my head.”  While he was sure that he had all of the winning numbers, he wasn’t positive they were all on the same ticket. “I went to get the tickets to check, and wouldn’t you know it – the last one on the pile was the magic one. All five winning numbers.”

The Prince George’s County man’s devotion is such that the $50,000 top prize wasn’t enough of a reward. Bonus Match 5 threw in an extra $30 for matches on other lines of the same ticket. All in all, a pretty good return for the $6 he spent at Allentown Valero located at 7713 Allentown Road in Fort Washington. The store will receive a $500 bonus for selling the big winner.

“My first thought was to send a ‘thank you’ Heavenward,” the loyal player told us. “The work I’ve been meaning to do on the house can now get done and the help I’d hoped to provide my family can happen. A real blessing.”