Bowie Player Scores $229,774 on $1 Racetrax Superfecta Bet

With a no-frills $1 Superfecta bet, the “Bowie Ballers” scored a $229,774 Racetrax win.

Big prize eclipses ‘Bowie Ballers’ previous scratch-off win

She claimed a $50,000 Maryland Lottery prize in 2016 and kept playing until she won more than four times that amount on Oct. 30 in the Racetrax game. The Bowie woman says she’ll keep on playing in hopes of winning again.

“I hope my numbers don’t come out while I’m here,” she said on Oct. 31. The lucky lady was visiting Lottery headquarters in Baltimore while claiming her six-digit prize. With her husband of nearly three decades at her side, the Prince George’s County resident said she enjoys playing because of the relatively low cost for a potentially high return. The couple chose the nickname “Bowie Ballers” to tell their tale of winning big.

“It’s one dollar and you can win a lot of money,” she said. True to form, on Oct. 30, she placed a single $1 Superfecta straight bet and let the terminal quick-pick the numbers: 12, 11, 6 and 7. Sure enough, the animated horses finished in that exact order on her race, for a win of $229,774.

Her husband has encouraged her to bet more to increase her odds of a win, saying, “Play to win big! But she’s cheap. It is what it is.” And in this case, it is more than a quarter million dollar win on a $1 bet.

The husband of the “Bowie Ballers” plays the Lottery from time to time, but says it’s “mostly playing her numbers.” Meanwhile, she says that while she has a soft spot for Racetrax, she enjoys playing a variety of games. Her 2016 win, for example, came on a scratch-off.

The “Bowie Ballers” have no special plans for the big win beyond reinforcing their financial situation. Asked if they would enjoy a special dinner together, they replied: “We always have special dinners,” but then, after pondering a moment, she said, “This one will be extra special. King crab legs instead of regular crab legs.”

The big win came on a bet placed at Express Mart in Bowie. The Prince George’s County business at 15709 Hall Road is one of several of the Bowie Ballers’” Lottery play locations. The shop receives a Lottery bonus of $2,297.74, equal to 1% of the prize, for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more.