Calvert County Couple Hits $132,989 Home Run on FAST PLAY Game

They become fifth top-prize winner on FAST PLAY Home Run Riches

A Calvert County husband and wife hit a big-time home run as they won a $132,989 progressive jackpot on the FAST PLAY Home Run Riches game.

The husband explained he has a unique strategy for reading his ticket. According to the winner, he covered up all of the prize amounts on the ticket. Then he saw one of the winning numbers was 38 and one of his numbers was 38.

The Southern Maryland resident knew he was a winner but was not sure how much he had won. He started to look at all of his prize numbers and saved 38 for last.  As he was looking at the other 19 numbers, the “Progressive Jackpot” number had not been revealed.

The happy husband immediately called his wife. “He never calls me at work. I am glad it was good news,” explained the wife.

The accountant said he likes to play the games with higher progressive jackpots and said he was happy to be the reason that FAST PLAY Home Run Riches jackpot reset back to $40,000. “Once a jackpot hits, I usually stop playing that game and try to find another with a high jackpot,” he said.

The couple likes to travel but they have not decided how they will spend the money.

“It won’t be anything extravagant,” the wife said with a smile.

The winning ticket was sold in California, Md. at Harris Teeter #487 located at 44900 St. Andrews Church Road. For selling the ticket, the St. Mary’s County retailer picks up a $1,000 bonus.

Fifteen top prizes still remain on this game. The progressive jackpot has already climbed up to $44,239 as of June 12 after resetting last Wednesday. There are other prizes ranging from $5 to $5,000.

FAST PLAY Home Run Riches also provides a second-chance promotion where players can enter winning or non-winning tickets to become the Contestant of the Game. Those selected for a specific Orioles game will receive $500 and another $500 for every Orioles home run hit during the game. A final drawing on Aug. 29 will award a $50,000 prize.