Calvert County Woman Left Speechless after $50,000 Powerball Prize

This lucky Calvert County resident won $50,000 on a quick-pick ticket.

Quick-pick ticket gave her third-tier win

A Calvert County woman thought she was being tricked when she scanned her Powerball ticket from the April 29 drawing and learned that she won $50,000. The 46-year-old, nicknaming herself “Stella Bell” to tell the story of her win, said she is still in “complete shock” even as she claimed her prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

Scanning her ticket led to more questions than answers, “Stella Bell” said.

“I kept scanning the ticket and it read winner but It didn’t say how much. I was getting so annoyed,” she said. “Stella Bell” then went to a Lottery kiosk in the store, scanned the ticket again and it revealed she won $50,000. She quickly went from being annoyed to overjoyed. She said she was in shock because she doesn’t win often.

“Stella Bell” bought this winning ticket at Wawa #573 located at 10245 Kirksville Lane in Dunkirk. She plans to put her winnings to good use, by paying bills, paying the balance remaining on her car loan and completing some much-needed home renovations.