Cecil County Grandmother Joyful to See $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Rose Birney of Port Deposit celebrates a $50,000 win playing the $10 Money Rush scratch-off game.

Claims second-tier prize on Money Rush instant ticket

A 51-year-old Port Deposit woman could not contain her joy when she claimed a $50,000 prize won playing the Money Rush scratch-off game. Scratch-offs are Rose Birney’s favorite, especially games that have a multiplier like Money Rush. The lucky lady was on her way home from grocery shopping on Tuesday when she decided to purchase several Money Rush games from Cigar-Etc. in Rising Sun.

“It’s just something about the multiplier that I really like,” she said. “I was so anxious to scratch them, that I played them in the car.”

As Rose revealed the winning numbers and then her numbers on the scratch-off, she noticed she had a match. She proceeded to scratch the multiplier first before revealing the prize. The multiplier was a “1.”

“When I saw that 1X, I thought I didn’t have much,” she said. “But then, I scratched off the $50,000 prize. I could not believe my eyes.”

The joyful winner ran back inside the Lottery retailer so employees could confirm her second-tier win. They did! Rose left the store and headed home, calling one of her daughters to share the news. When she arrived home, she showed the winning instant ticket to her husband.

“He was really happy,” said Rose, smiling. “But, he was already trying to spend it.”

The mother and grandmother claimed her $50,000 prize on Thursday. She told Lottery officials that she’s not completely sure what she’ll do with the windfall, other than possibly take a vacation and purchase a parrot.

“I can’t explain that one,” said Rose. “I’ve just always wanted a parrot.”

The Cecil County winner found her lucky $10 Money Rush scratch-off at Cigar-Etc. located at 225-E East Main Street in Rising Sun. More prizes in the game await discovery. The scratch-off, which has a top prize of $100,000, still has three of those remaining. There are also three more $50,000 prizes and seven $10,000 prizes left in the game along with smaller prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.