Chicken Purchase leads Aberdeen Mechanic to $100,000 Lottery Prize

Angel Cornier of Harford County secretly celebrates his $100,000 top-prize Ravens X5 win.

Scores big win with Ravens X5 scratch-off

All that Angel Cornier and his girlfriend had in mind when they visited the Royal Farms store in Aberdeen over the weekend was buying chicken. Unbeknownst to them, however, a side order of Lottery luck was added to their lunch request.

“While we were waiting for the chicken, I wandered over to the Lottery vending machine,” the 45-year-old Harford County resident told Lottery officials. “I had $5 left over after paying and wanted to get a scratch-off ticket.” The first several $5 options among the machine’s selection were sold out. “The first ticket they had available was the Ravens X5 game, so that’s the one I picked.”

Back at home, after eating their meal, the couple turned to the $5 Ravens X5 scratch-off. Angel said he asked his girlfriend to do the scratching. “She looked hard at it for a minute or two and said, ‘You are not going to believe this.’ ”

The Aberdeen father plans to use his winnings as part of a down payment for a house. “This money will help settle us into a new home one day soon, which will be great for my kids. I’m very grateful.”

Royal Farms #271 at 3710 Churchville Road in Aberdeen helped Angel and his family score their $100,000 top-prize win – as well as some tasty chicken. In recognition, the Lottery will reward management there with a $1,000 bonus for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off.

The Lottery’s 2021 edition of its Ravens scratch-offs hit retail locations Aug. 23. Players can try to win thousands of dollars in prizes on the $2 Ravens X2 and $5 Ravens X5 games and enter a second-chance promotion to win cash prizes and Ravens experiences. If you don’t win instantly with the scratch-offs, enter them into your My Lottery Rewards account and pick the prize category you want to try to win. Prizes include seats for 20 years, $10,000 cash, Pass for Cash on-field experience, and Ravens Bucks. Get details HERE. Upcoming entry deadlines are Oct. 17, Nov. 15, Dec. 13 and Jan. 11.