Construction Worker Nails $580,000 Multi-Match Jackpot Prize

Adelphi man is third of four Multi-Match winners of 2024

A Prince George’s County resident received a nice surprise after work when he discovered he had won the $580,000 estimated jackpot in the May 30 Multi-Match drawing.

The construction worker shared his winning story with Lottery officials on Friday, saying that he was leaving his job site when he decided to check his Lottery tickets for a win using his mobile phone app.

The Adelphi resident scanned his Multi-Match ticket and realized he had matched all six winning numbers of 3, 5, 21, 31, 32 and 34. That give him the jackpot prize! Rather than take the jackpot annuity, the player decided to take the cash option.

“I said, ‘Wow!’ I was very surprised,” the winner told Lottery officials.

He is still thinking about how he is going to spend his prize, the winner said, adding that he does plan to keep playing Multi-Match.

He bought the $10 ticket at the Adelphi Wawa, which is located at 9100 Riggs Road in Prince George’s County. For selling a jackpot-winning Multi-Match ticket of $500,000 to $1 million, the retailer receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The Adelphi resident was the third of four jackpot-winning Multi-Match players in 2004. He also is the first of two back-to-back winners as the fourth winning ticket — still unclaimed — was sold in the June 3 drawing at the Royal Farms in Glen Burnie.

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