Double Play Option Delivers Retired Airman’s $50,000 Powerball Win

Washington, D.C. player claims third-tier prize

Marcus Archibald had enjoyed more than his fair share of Lottery luck over the years, winning several big-money prizes and even appearing on a game show. One game, however, has consistently denied him a win. Even while describing it as his favorite, the Washington, D.C. resident could never seem to figure out the secret to winning big with Powerball. Until Oct. 18, that is.

“I’d been playing these numbers for weeks,” Marcus told Lottery officials, referring to the combination that delivered his $50,000 win. “And I always, always add the Powerball Double Play option.”

For the cost of $1, Double Play enters a player’s numbers in a second drawing that follows the regular Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Powerball drawings. In fact, it was the availability of the Double Play feature that brought the D.C. resident to Best 1 Food Market in Capitol Heights to buy his $20 Powerball ticket. “They don’t have the Double Play at home, so I have to go to Maryland.”

The U.S. Air Force veteran went to sleep well before the late-night Powerball drawing last Wednesday. “I woke up super early the next morning and checked the results. Nothing on the regular drawing, but then I checked the Double Play results and saw a bunch of familiar numbers.”

Amazed by what he was seeing, he woke up his family, who at first were none too pleased.  “They warmed up when I told them what was going on.”

The Powerball luck that had eluded Marcus for so long found him on the ticket purchased at Best 1 Food Market at 4225 Southern Avenue.  He reports that his family has experienced some financial reverses recently and that his $50,000 prize couldn’t have come at a better time. “This will do just fine. It’ll hold us over until our jackpot win,” he said, joking.

Want to try your Powerball luck in the Wednesday, Oct. 25 drawing? The jackpot is an estimated annuity of $100 million with a cash option of $43.4 million.