Eastern Shore Senior Enjoys $50,000 Scratch-off Surprise

Power Spot Multiplier game delivers top-prize win   

A retired teacher in Somerset County is the latest to find a $50,000 top-prize win on the popular Power Spot Multiplier scratch-off. She and her husband picked out the lucky $5 instant ticket on the way home from dinner last week.

“I enjoy playing Lottery tickets,” said the 72-year-old wife and mother, “but I rarely think to get one when I’m at a store that sells them.” In fact, the winnings from months-old instant tickets funded her fateful purchase. “I’d had those tickets in my purse for so long. When I saw the store up ahead, I asked my husband to stop.”

The lucky Lottery retailer was Eden Quick Stop in Eden, and her cash return for those tickets was $10. “I asked my husband to pick out two $5 tickets, and it was one of them.” The “it” she referenced was the Power Spot Multiplier scratch-off that wound up being a $50,000 top-prize winner.

The resident of Princess Anne scratched off her instant tickets while getting ready for bed. “I uncovered a $5,000 winner and was thrilled. I’d never won anything close to that in my life,” she told Lottery officials. Next came the Power Spot Multiplier game. “As I finished the last of the scratching, I saw the 10X, the multiplier that made it a $50,000 win. I just sat there stunned.”

Calling out the news to her husband, she was met with disbelief and doubt. “When he saw the win we started to celebrate, but then I made him drive back to the store to scan the ticket, just to be sure.”

The Eastern Shore couple will share their prize with their family and tackle a few home improvement projects. Congratulations also to management at the Quick Stop in Eden, found at 31680 Eden Allen Road. The business will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off.

The Power Spot Multiplier game, which debuted last month, still has six of its eight $50,000 top prizes available. Thirteen $5,000 second-tier winners remain unclaimed, as well.