Electrician’s Free $25,000 Winning Pick 5 Ticket Delivers Lucky Jolt

“Chris” of Baltimore will use his $25,000 prize from a free Pick 5 ticket to benefit his children and buy a four-wheeler.

Baltimore resident’s ticket wins big in June 3 drawing

“Chris” of Baltimore recently saw the Powerball jackpot push past the $100 million mark and thought he would take a shot at the big prize. After grabbing his printed Powerball ticket, he saw the self-service Lottery machine print a second ticket.

That free Pick 5 quick-pick ticket for the June 3 drawing, which was awarded as part of a Lottery promotion, won $25,000 later that day. “I was really trying to get that million-dollar Powerball jackpot, but I’ll take this,” said “Chris,” laughing.

The 44-year-old, who selected the nickname “Chris” for anonymity, found his lucky ticket at Royal Farms #064 in Baltimore. He recalls taking one look at the Powerball jackpot amount and walking up to the Lottery vending machine. An infrequent player, the father of two usually sticks to playing Pick 3 and 4. He has had some luck with both games, most recently winning $500 playing Pick 3. The $25,000 he won in the June 3 evening Pick 5 drawing is his biggest prize ever.

The winning electrician has plenty of plans for his money. He has been looking at four-wheelers for himself and plans to help his son furnish a new apartment. The winner also plans to buy art supplies for his daughter.

For its role in providing the free $25,000-winning ticket, Royal Farms #064 located at 7950 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore earns a bonus of $250 from the Lottery.