Elkton Keno Fan Tries Scratch-off Ticket and Wins $100,000

Top tier prize on $100,000 CA$H comes in handy for student loans

The camaraderie of playing Keno with other people is what attracted an Elkton man to the Maryland Lottery, but it was a scratch-off ticket that delivered a $100,000 prize.

“I play Keno. You go in and socialize with the other fellows,” he said on Feb. 21 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore after claiming his prize on the $30 game $100,000 CA$H.

The Cecil County resident had been playing Keno on a recent day at Xtreme Gas at 722 North Bridge Street in Elkton, and just before he left, he decided to purchase two scratch-off tickets. He hasn’t played many scratch-off tickets in the past, but figured he’d give it a shot. The first one was not a winner, but when he checked the second he got an eye-popping surprise.

“I saw all these zeros!” he said, adding, “I never thought I’d see a day like that.”

On his way home, he called his wife and other family members. His wife picked up, but no one else did.

His wife, who accompanied him to Lottery headquarters, said the call was a bit awkward because her husband initially didn’t want to share his news until everyone was on the line. When he revealed what had happened, she said, “My knees buckled.”

The winnings will be used to pay for student loans, help with a planned family vacation and possibly go toward a down payment on an investment property.

For selling the lucky ticket, Xtreme Gas receives a bonus of $1,000.

The $100,000 CA$H game went on sale in September 2023 and started with 65 top prizes of $100,000. Of those, 56 remain unclaimed after the Elkton player’s win, along with thousands of additional prizes ranging from $30 to $5,000.