Delaware Couple Captures Surprise Win

Visit to Ocean City results in $50,000 scratch-off prize

A Delaware couple was visiting Ocean City for a quiet weekend when Maryland Lottery luck injected a little shock and, happily, joy into their lives. A rowdy scratch-off game with the unique name of $ was responsible, courtesy of one of its $50,000 top prizes.

“My girlfriend had a winning ticket she wanted to cash so we looked for a lottery store,” the Delaware winner said. He explained that he only plays lottery games occasionally and hadn’t planned on buying a ticket when they happened upon 7-Eleven #24093. “I went in with her and she asked if I wanted a ticket. I told her sure, but you pick it out.”

It turned out, she chose well.

The couple, who were on the way to dinner, scratched their ticket in the car. “I was as shocked as I’ve ever been,” the heavy equipment operator admitted. His girlfriend, sure that he was joking, quickly accessed the Maryland Lottery app on her phone and scanned the $5 ticket to confirm the win. “Neither of us could believe that it was a $50,000 winner,” he said. “It was a regular night and then turned into one I’ll never forget.”

Paying off bills and making a down payment on a new car are on the pair’s Lottery to-do list. Their $50,000 win was the third top prize that the $ ticket has paid to Lottery players since the game launched in December 2023. Five more of those top prizes remain unclaimed, along with nine $5,000 second-tier prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000.

The 7-Eleven that delivered their lifetime memory is located at 9404 Coastal Highway, and the Worcester County business will receive a $500 bonus for selling the top-prize winner.