FAST PLAY Fan Wins $100,000 a Week Before Tying the Knot

A lucky bride-to-be from Southern Maryland plans to use some of her $100,000 FAST PLAY prize on a wedding celebration and honeymoon.

St. Mary’s County woman claims top prize on $10 Winfall Doubler game

A bride-to-be from Southern Maryland recently got a wedding gift from Lady Luck while stopping at a store to grab snacks for movie night with her future spouse.

The dog mom and longtime Maryland Lottery player, who selected the nickname “Locke & Key” to tell the story of her big win, said she stopped at Dash In #099 in Leonardtown to buy the snacks. “Locke & Key” also bought, as usual, $20 worth of Lottery games. None of her scratch-offs were winners but then she got to the last game, a $10 FAST PLAY Winfall Doubler ticket that is one of her go-to games.

Once she realized she won its $100,000 top prize, “I was ecstatic!” the lucky lady said. “I sat in my car staring at the ticket, I couldn’t believe it.”

“Locke & Key” then phoned her future spouse to share the news. Winning this small fortune couldn’t come at a better time, she said. “Locke & Key” was only a week away from marrying the love of her life. She plans to save most of the prize and invest it but now can afford to have a wedding celebration and honeymoon. She also plans to spoil her dog with tons of toys and treats.

“Locke & Key” purchased the lucky ticket at Dash In #099 located at 26065 Pt. Lookout Road in St. Mary’s County. For selling a $100,000 top-prize winning ticket, the store receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The winner found the fourth top prize in the game, which started Jan. 17, 2022, leaving 20 more top prizes unclaimed along with 17 remaining $50,000 prizes.