Husband-Wife Scratch-off Team Wins $100,000 Top Prize

Carroll County duo score big in Money Bag Multiplier game

They buy scratch-offs several times a week, a Westminster couple told Lottery officials. They always get multiple games and are always careful to buy an even number. They divide the pile randomly when they get home so it was Lottery luck that put a $100,000 top-prize winning Money Bag Multiplier instant ticket in the wife’s pile.

Scratching away, seated at different ends of their living room, Mrs. Lucky suddenly stood up.  “I told my husband that I’d just won a couple thousand dollars,” she recalled. According to her, Mr. Lucky didn’t believe her for a moment. “When I told him the real amount, he really didn’t believe me!”

A trip back to Silver Run Liquors in Westminster to run the $10 scratch-off through the store’s scanner confirmed the shocking news. “We just could not believe it. I kept saying, ‘Oh, my goodness,’ over and over.”

The Carroll County couple have no immediate plans for their $100,000 top prize, but the phrase “early retirement” was mentioned. They do plan to stick to their favorite Lottery ritual.  “We enjoy scratching the tickets at the same time, seeing whose pile does best. That way, we win big whether we win big or not.”

Money Bag Multiplier debuted in April with eight $100,000 top prizes. Five remain in circulation, as well as six of the game’s $50,000 second-tier prizes and 19 $10,000 prizes. Carroll County’s Silver Run Liquors at 3957 Littlestown Pike will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $100,000 top-prize winner.