Four-Leaf Clover Helps Calvert County Man Score $50,000 Scratch-Off Win

Player’s winning streak continues with Money Bag Multiplier game

A Calvert County man said he credits the luck of a four-leaf clover for a $50,000 win on a Money Bag Multiplier instant ticket.

According to the lucky player, he was out in his garden and came across a four-leaf clover. He has kept it in his wallet since June.

The happy player has since enjoyed a Lottery winning streak. He won multiple $50 prizes and $200 on scratch-off games. Then, he bought the $10 Money Bag Multiplier scratch-off at Lusby FASTOP #54 at 11790 HG Truman Road. Even though he was on a winning streak, discovering the $50,000 second-tier prize still came as a shock.

“You never expect anything like that,” he explained.

The warehouse employee was in his car when he discovered Lottery luck had again come his way. One of the winning numbers in the game was 23 and he revealed a number 23 with a $50,000 prize underneath. The player recalls not knowing what to do next so he immediately showed his wife the instant ticket and asked for confirmation.

“I said to her, ‘Do you see what I see?'” he told Lottery officials.

The Southern Maryland man is an avid golfer and plans to use the money to pay bills. He hopes to continue the winning streak, especially since he plans to purchase a ticket for tonight’s $910 million Mega Millions drawing.

This is the fourth second-tier $50,000 prize-winning ticket sold since Money Bag Multiplier went on sale April 24. There are still four unclaimed top prizes of $100,000; five unclaimed $50,000 prizes and many others ranging from $10 to $10,000.