Frederick Man Wins Bonus Match 5 Top Prize Six Times

Identical combinations on multiple tickets deliver $302,656 prize

An unusual Bonus Match 5 play strategy just gave a Frederick nurse a $302,656 windfall.

Normally, when a player matches all of the winning numbers in a Bonus Match 5 drawing, that person takes home the game’s $50,000 top prize. Of course, these players usually have just one ticket with the winning combination.

On Tuesday, the 57-year-old Frederick County resident detailed his winning Bonus Match 5 strategy to Lottery officials. The key to his success is buying a specific number of tickets with the same combinations.

“It’s a combination of numbers that have been drawn in recent weeks and a few random ones thrown in,” said the medical professional, “and then, I buy six tickets. I know it’s all random, but I’ve won a lot using this system.” He tells us that his unique method produced a $200,000 Bonus Match 5 win in the past.

The loyal player checked the results the day after his lucky July 3 drawing. “I recognized them (the numbers) immediately, but my tickets were out in the car, so I ran to get them just to make sure that I was remembering correctly.” He immediately shared his great news with his wife, who didn’t believe him. “I showed her the tickets and the winning numbers on my Lottery App,” he said, adding, “she started screaming.”

The Bonus Match 5 winners have no plans for their prize at the moment. Also enjoying a bonus from the sale of the winning tickets is the management of Eastside Liquors at 507 East Street in Frederick. The Lottery will give the Frederick County retailer a bonus of $500 per top-prize win for a total score of $3,000.