Holiday Preparations Led to Lottery Surprise for College Student

Claims $20,000 prize in Terrific 10s game

A 28-year-old university student from Nepal found himself in the right spot at the right time to win a $20,000 scratch-off prize. Everything fell into place for his big win in the Terrific 10s game, thanks to an upcoming holiday that required a trip to Finksburg.

“I was out there to pick up some food items that play a role in our celebration; things I had difficulty finding nearer to home,” the Parkville resident explained. He stopped at Finksburg Liquors at 3000 Gamber Road in Carroll County with the idea of purchasing two or three random scratch-offs. Luckily, one of those games was the $10 Terrific 10s instant ticket.

Once he returned home, the player scratched off his instant tickets and immediately noticed a match on one of them. “I was happy, thinking that I’d just won my money back.” He removed the latex from the prize area of the instant ticket to reveal the $20,000 prize. That action produced an overflow of emotions, he said, with shock and joy leading the pack.

The Baltimore County student will use his winnings to pay tuition. The Terrific 10s game debuted in November 2020 and has one $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off still in circulation.  Five $20,000 second-tier winning instant tickets are awaiting discovery.