Husband Saves Winning Scratch-off Surprise for Wife

Prince George’s County man claims $50,000 Power Spot Multiplier top prize

When asked to explain their unusual scratch-off routine, the married forklift operator said, “Well, we do everything together.” His story ends with a $50,000 Power Spot Multiplier win and made clear both the lovely reason behind his method and just how effective it really proved to be.

He buys instant tickets three or four times a week, the Hyattsville resident told Lottery officials. “My wife usually sends a lunch with me, but when she doesn’t, I pick up a ticket when I get some food.”

Such was the case on a recent Monday when his empty stomach drew him to the Riverdale Tiger Mart convenience store. “I picked out Power Spot Multiplier because we’ve won with it before.” He spoke of “we” as a couple winning because when he plays, he scratches only the instant ticket’s prize-check area. “That way, I can scan the ticket without scratching the whole thing. If it’s a winner, I bring it home for my wife to scratch and be surprised by the prize.”

When he saw the $50,000 top-prize win notification on the Lottery scanner, the Prince George’s County man was stunned. “I kept scanning it again and again to be sure and then once more.” He shared that it was difficult to get through the afternoon because he was so anxious to watch his wife “discover” the top-prize win.

Upon returning home and telling his wife that there was an instant ticket for her to scratch, the 53-year-old could tell that she, knowing that it was a winning scratch-off, was happy that some cash was on the way.

“The tickets I bring her are usually $20 winners, maybe $50 and once even a $100 winner. I was very calm so she would not know something special was about to happen.” The husband was not disappointed. Her reaction was just what he’d hoped – utter amazement.  “She kept saying, ‘I can’t believe it happened to us.’”

Power Spot Multiplier is a $5 game that has been on retailers’ shelves for a year, debuting in September 2022. Our happy couple claimed the instant ticket’s seventh $50,000 top prize, leaving one still in circulation. The owner of the Tiger Mart at 6117 Baltimore Avenue in Riverdale can also celebrate. The Prince George’s County business will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.