Hyattsville Man Wins $31,454 Racetrax Prize

Winner looks forward to trip to Mexico to visit family

 A Prince George’s County resident is celebrating his $31,454 win from his favorite Lottery game, Racetrax. The 54-year-old construction worker, who chose to remain anonymous, recently visited Lottery headquarters to share his story.

The winner, “Mr. Jose”, recalls winning small amounts before but never anything this large. On his way home from a long day of work, he stopped by the store to pick up some Lottery scratch-offs. Once inside, he decided to play a Racetax trifecta ticket, and added the bonus. It turned out to be a good decision, since the 12-11-10 horses crossed the finish line in that order, earning him a $31,454 payday.

Mr. Jose, a long-time Lottery player, has never won more than $500. He told Lottery officials it feels good to finally win a large amount. When asked how he’ll spend his winnings, he said he plans to invest in his business and take a trip to see his parents who live in Mexico. What he looks forward the most, is spoiling his granddaughter.

Choptank Beer & Wine located at 5430 Kenilworth Ave in Riverdale wins too. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the store earned a retailer bonus of $314.54 — 1% of the prize.