Luck Strikes Twice in Three Months for Harford County Man

Most recent win: $50,000 on new Cash is King scratch-off

A 78-year-old Bel Air man is doing a happy dance after winning big on two scratch-offs in the past three months. The lucky player took home a top prize on the $30 $100,000 Lucky game back in August and, last week, claimed a $50,000 prize on the exciting new $30 game, Cash is King.

The retired U.S. Postal Service worker actually purchased this instant ticket a month ago when it first went on sale. He was getting groceries at Klein’s Shoprite #549 located at 5 Belair S. Parkway in Bel Air when he decided to buy two Cash is King games. The big winner scratched the two instant tickets, winning $50 on one but missed the fact that he won on the second instant ticket.

“I almost tossed it, but I looked again and saw that I really won,” said the player. “And, when I scanned it, the message said ‘Congratulations.’”

The father and grandfather had the cashier check the scratch-off one more time to confirm the second-tier prize and he had indeed won. The Harford County resident immediately left the store and headed home to tell his wife. He then put his instant ticket away in a safe spot, deciding to wait to claim the $50,000 prize. He shared with Lottery officials that he’ll add this win to the previous prize by putting it in the bank.

The Cash is King game debuted Sept. 19 and still has all five of its $2 million top prizes remaining. The first $50,000 prize was claimed by our lucky Bel Air player, leaving five more awaiting discovery. There are also hundreds of thousands of prizes ranging from $30 to $10,000 remaining in the game.