Lucky Cop Finds $50,000 Lottery Fortune

Prince George’s County man claims $50,000 prize on Hot 777 scratch-off

A federal law enforcement official approached Maryland Lottery officials on Tuesday for assistance with an important investigation. The evidence he shared that day consisted of a Hot 777 instant ticket that seemed to promise a significant reward. To his surprise, the Clinton resident discovered that he was the latest to win one of the game’s $50,000 second-tier prizes.

The Prince George’s County man is a long-time Lottery fan with a decided preference for scratch-offs. He stopped by Tucker’s Liquors in Clinton to pick up a few and, having had luck with them, decided to buy one more.

“I did pretty well,” said the 57-year-old police officer, “well enough to take $20 of my winnings to try one more ticket.” Choosing Hot 777 from among the store’s selection of $20 games, he scratched it off and found himself doubting his eyes. “I asked myself how what I was seeing could be real.”

The loyal player went immediately to the retailer’s Lottery ticket scanner, which confirmed the $50,000 prize. However, as would any good investigator, he needed to confirm the message. “I still couldn’t believe what was happening, so I asked the cashier to check it. The look on her face when she did (check it) told me all that I needed to know.”

His overwhelming feeling after nailing down the truth was relief. “It’s like a weight lifted off of my shoulders knowing that I have this money.” Lottery records list Tucker’s Liquors at 8100 Old Alexandria Ferry Road as the scene of this startling incident.

Hot 777 is a $20 instant game that debuted in April with six $1 million top prizes. Four remain unclaimed. Four more $50,000 second-tier prizes are also still in circulation.